kodeshare - yet another paste service


Hi. I’m kageru, and I didn’t want to rely on hastebin and the likes anymore.
I had a few hours to spare on a train trip, so I decided to try ktor for web programming in Kotlin.
If you’re interested, the source code can be found on my Gitea.


Everything you see here can also be used via CLI.

$ curl -F'file=@someFile' https://p.kageru.moe/
# returns
If you need to download or view a file as plain text, simply add /r/ after the domain name.
Using our earlier example, the raw link would be:
The HTML view uses highlight.js for syntax highlighting. If the automatic detection fails, you can override it by appending the file extension to the url.

If you choose to disable Javascript entirely, everything other than the syntax highlighting will still work as intended. Pastes will simply be monochrome.

Expiration & limits

All pastes are limited to 1 MiB, and empty pastes are rejected.
Right now, pastes are not pruned or deleted at all. If more people start using this, I might add something that deletes unaccessed pastes after a few months. We’ll see.